The undeniable advantages of smoking with a bong

The undeniable advantages of smoking with a bong

Have you ever wanted to get more marijuana?

Start by getting rid of any rolled pipes or fittings. Consider smoking from a bong instead! Bongs offer much more and at an affordable price you try this site.

But is a bong worth it? Do the benefits outweigh the costs? Find out the answers and more with our list below:


You may not think that a bong can save you money, but it can! This is one of the most cost-effective ways to enjoy marijuana.

Consider how much money you spend every time you roll a joint. The paper you spend may not seem like much, but the costs add up. You also can’t fully enjoy every hit, which means you’re not using the full potential of your spending.

A bong may cost a little upfront, but that also means you won’t have to buy another one for years. If you keep it clean and don’t drop it, you will be able to reuse it. Just fill it with water and some ice and you’re ready to go!

A cooler hit

Thanks to the bong, you do not inhale the smoke directly. First it must cross a body of water. If you have a bong with an ice catcher, the smoke also passes through it.

What benefits does this give you? Why go to the trouble of percolating and passing smoke through ice cubes?

By passing through water and ice, we cool the smoke. You will no longer feel a strong burning sensation in your throat. This guarantees a cooler and smoother hit every time.

Of course, not everyone wants the throat to be too cold. Fortunately, you don’t have to add ice every time. Just soak in water to remove a severe burn.

The cleaning lady’s hit

Passing smoke through water eliminates many contaminants. Using a bong removes ash, toxins, carcinogens and tar from cannabis. Smoke passing through water is a good way to eliminate chemicals such as acrolein.

This is a great help for people suffering from throat or lung diseases. Bacteria, mold and tar produced by regular smoking can cause further health problems. With a bong, you can easily get around this problem.

Cleaner hits also mean you can enjoy your marijuana more often. Why stick with rolling joints or using wooden pipes when you can regularly enjoy marijuana with a bong? Stay safe and stay fit by avoiding other methods of smoking cannabis.

Stronger and faster impact

Did you know that when you use a bong you feel the hit much faster? Smoking marijuana through a joint can take anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes before you feel the effects. With a bong, you inhale so much smoke in one go that you will feel it faster.

Not only will you feel the effects of cannabis faster, but you will also benefit from a stronger hit. This is because you inhale much more smoke at one time. Using a bong requires filtering and collecting as much smoke as possible per hit.

Easy to use

Have you ever tried rolling a joint? It’s not as easy as it looks on TV. You need to master the art of carefully wrapping your marijuana and rolling the paper tightly. Otherwise, instead of cannabis, you will burn paper and inhale the ash.

A pipe is easier to use, but it’s also easy to get careless. If you are using a pipe lighter, you will need to turn it on its side to light it. Your marijuana may fall or you may slip and cause a small fire.

With a bong, it’s as simple as filling a glass container with water and then placing your cannabis in the holder. Light it, filter it and inhale it. It’s simple, intuitive and efficient.


One of the biggest advantages of these bongs is the fact that they can be used for years. If you clean it often, it will stay in good condition. You can reuse it as often as you want.

The best glass bongs don’t get dirty easily or get burned. Cleaning bong accessories is not a hassle and you don’t have to do much of it. Once a week is enough to prevent mold from growing.

This is a much better solution than what you can achieve with a pipe. The pipes may last for some time, but will eventually have many burn marks and other forms of damage.

Enjoy smoking with a bong

Don’t waste time rolling disposable blunts! Start smoking from a bong. They last for years, deliver better hits and look cool too.

With the right bong, you’ll never have to suffer from throat burns again!

Of course, a bong isn’t the only option you have when it comes to having fun. If you want even more tips and tricks on entertainment, CBD, cannabis and vaping, why not check out our other guides here? We provide all the guides and lists you need!