Incredible Works Of Art As Antique Drawer Pulls

Incredible Works Of Art As Antique Drawer Pulls

If you are fond of antique furniture or enjoy adding a vintage look to contemporary cabinets or dressers, it satisfies you to comprehend the different styles of antique drawer pulls. These ancient drawer pulls are smallish works of art made from different materials and in a vast range of styles. These drawer pulls offer your old furniture pieces fascinating clues about ancient furniture’s history.

Drawer pulls are available in different styles and designs. Such as:

Antique Bail Pulls

These bail pulls are the most typical types of drawers pulls you have ever seen. Every bail pull has a bail (handle) connected by two posts. This handle can swing back and forth so that you can slip your fingers underneath it to pull the drawer. Often, bail pulls contain a backplate, which means there is a metal plate behind the bail, which protects the wood finish from scratch and adds decoration.

Pulls With Inlaid Backplates

In some scenarios, the metal backplate of a bail pull is constructed of some material that is inset or set into the drawer. Usually, the substance of the backplate is made of brass or some other metal as its durability is excellent, but inlaid backplates are made with bone China as it needs overwork to construct. You will sometimes notice this pull hardware is outstanding with handmade furniture.

Primitive Old Drawer Pulls

The vintage brass drawer pulls were first developed in the early 1700s. At first, bail pulls are bent inwards, then attached to the wooden drawer with pins without any back plate. A drawer pull of this design did not always mean an old piece of furnishings, but it hints that the dresser or other types of furniture could be old enough.

Vintage Ring Pulls

Another type of antique drawer pull is known as a ring pull. In this design, a metal ring swings from a hinge. You just put your fingers through this ring and pull to open the drawer. This typical design of drawer pulls on the old furniture from the 1900s is commonly seen. However, ring pulls can stay much longer than other pull drawers.

Carved Wood Drawer Pulls

Some vintage drawer pulls are crafted of wood (sometimes by hand) on handmade furniture. Sometimes, the whole drawer pull is elaborately carved out of wood. On the other hand, the metal backplate is crafted from wood, and the hanging handle has a simple knob, and these handles were especially famous during the 1800s.

Antique Drop Pulls

Like ring pulls, vintage drop pulls suspend from a single hinge. Rather than a ring, they keep a piece of wood, metal, glass, or other material that you can hold to pull the drawer open. You will usually notice these pulls on nightstands, dressers, or other furniture. This design of drawer pulls has gained popularity since the late 1800s.

If you restore a piece of vintage furniture to get an antique look, it’s best to choose a designer vintage drawer pull to give those antique pieces of furniture a beautiful vintage yet stylish look.