How to buy mens shirts like a pro 

How to buy mens shirts like a pro 

Clothes are an important part of displaying a man’s sense of style and quality. A well-dressed and groomed man emits elegance and class. A man who does neither of the two is looked down upon and considered crass. Many opportunities will be lost if a man does not dress appropriately. Among the clothes that a man chooses, one of the most important is the shirt. A shirt is the first thing in a man’s wardrobe that others see. So, it becomes all the more crucial to understand how to shirts for men. Before learning where to buy, it becomes crucial to understand what features have to be noted before any man decides to select a shirt.


  • Texture – Texture indicates how the shirt feels when a person wears it. Some shirts feel rough to wear, while others are soft. It could be bulky or thin while being heavy or light. The texture is what determines how a person would feel both visually and physically when they wear the shirt. 

It is crucial to consider it as people are comfortable with different textures. Some men hate thin shirts while others with sensitive skin might feel irritated wearing rough shirts. Different conditions also call for shirts with different textures. A thin shirt might be great during summer, but during winter, it will be a huge hassle. A soft clingy texture is great to emphasize the figure while the shiny fabric is best suited for figures with average proportions.

  • Quality – Quality is a crucial point when selecting a shirt. It determines how long you can use the shirt. Taking a shirt with low quality will cause men to wear shirts that face wear and tear like color fading, thread fraying, and loosening of the stitching. Branded clothes might seem too expensive, especially when there are cheaper alternatives. However, expensive shirts will usually last longer and is a safer choice compared to unbranded clothes. In this age where everyone must be environmentally conscious, using clothes for longer times rather than changing them frequently is a must. A good quality shirt will not have any imperfections, and anyone can verify its quality through the shirt’s brand.
  • Material – Before buying a shirt, every man must ask themselves, why they are buying the shirt. Based on the season, one can choose the material. Cotton is a great material for summer while wool is a great choice for winter shirts. Other than that, one can choose linen. Linen is great for summer and is much more comfortable than cotton to wear. However, due to it being more costly than cotton along with wrinkling easier compared to cotton, many people buy cotton.

Where to buy?

  • Online – It is the easiest way to buy mens shirts. Customers get access to a lot of variety at a range of prices. However, the shirt that is seen at online stores might not be the actual image. Usually, customers face issues with the texture of the shirt.
  • Physical – The physical store is a great place to buy shirts if you have the time. While it is more difficult to shop, the customer gets to verify the texture of the shirt. What the customer buys is what they get.