Wednesday 29 June 2022
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Your Definitive Guide Around Buying Diamond Bracelets

Your Definitive Guide Around Buying Diamond Bracelets

Diamond bracelets are a fashionable and sophisticated piece of jewel that blends with everything and anything. Whether you are visiting a wedding or an office meeting, this jewelry staple sets well. This fashion accessory is timeless and typical, making it antique heirloom-worthy.

Buying a perfect diamond bracelet might be daunting, as it is an expensive purchase; you need it to be an ideal statement piece. So, to make your experience memorable and hassle-free, here are some essential things that you must know before buying a dreamy diamond bracelet.

Go For The Right Style!

If you are buying a bracelet for yourself, then the selection process becomes easy because you know your style. However, while purchasing a gift, you need to look for a style that the person receiving it would love. The bracelet’s look depends on the setting and diamond shapes; choose the one that looks good on your wrist.

  • If you buy a diamond bracelet as a gift, make sure to understand their fashion sense first and then finalize a product.
  • Keep the hand width in mind when you select a design. Some designs appear beautiful in catalogs but are average-looking in real-time.

What Do You Want: ‘Bangle’ Or ‘Bracelet’?

This question might look like an obvious one but is often ignored by shoppers. Traditionally, a bangle is made out in a single piece by using rigid metal. The bangle design includes a clasp to open and close it. A cuff bangle is a piece of jewelry that has an opening to slide it through your wrist area. Cuff bangles are comfortable to wear and look great with an Indian traditional outfit.

A bracelet is made of an up woven or linked chain of metal, that has a clasp attached to the rear end to tightly secure it in place.

The Perfect Fit For Bracelets?

When buying a gift, a perfect fit becomes the central issue. Most of the women complain about a perfect fit because it is quite rare to get a piece that perfectly slides down your wrist.

A perfect linked bracelet must move a bit down your wrist. Two fingers must slide down the space between your wrist and the bracelet. Whereas in bangles, a little bit of movement is cool, but it should not slip over the heels of your hand easily.

A perfect fit is vital to accentuate the bracelet’s beauty. A tennis diamond bracelet looks elegant and stylish; team it up with sports gear or a dinner dress.

Different Types of Bracelet Settings:

There are numerous ways in which a jeweler can set and fix a diamond to a bolo bracelet. Each setting is unique and looks differently.

  • Rubover setting

In the rub-over setting, the diamonds are coated with metal from all sides. The metal wrap around each stone makes it a perfect choice for active people. This setting is a practical one but can limit the stone’s shine as edges cover it.

  • Pave setting

This setting looks classic as tiny metals hold delicate diamonds in place. This makes the bracelet look all shiny and sparkly. Donne this bracelet on a warm evening to feel light and fresh.

  • Halo setting

This setting reminds me of Victorian age jewelry. Small diamonds are embedded around a big piece of diamond in every bracelet link, just like a halo. This bracelet appears like a luxurious piece of adornment and can be worn at special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and more.

  • Cluster setting

Geometrical shapes inspire this bracelet setting design. Lots of dainty diamonds shape various designs. This truly fulfills the purpose of forming a truly stunning piece.

  • Illusion setting

This setting is for people who want beauty with security. The metal rims around each stone create the illusion of bigger diamonds. Plus, the metal ridges secure the diamond in place and also protect it from direct hits. This bracelet is a real example of luxury blended with a sense of safety.

  • Channel setting

Channel settings are a popular choice among rings and bracelets. In this style, a metal strip clasps the diamonds in place. The metal strip acts like a protector as well as a light blocker. As the stones are covered, they can limit the shine of the diamonds.

  • Claw setting

As the name suggests, the design includes claw shape units to hold the diamond in place. Four metal prongs are used to secure a single diamond that keeps enough of its surface area open. It allows a lot of light to enter the diamond to create maximum shine.


Diamond bracelets for women are a popular choice of gift. If you are looking to gift a bracelet, make sure to go through all the prerequisites for a perfect buy.

Make sure to clean the bracelet as you clean any other piece of jewelry. The best way to clean your diamond is by soaking it in a bowl of lukewarm water and a drop of liquid detergent.