Tuesday 20 July 2021
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Why VPS Hosting is important for Small Business?

Why VPS Hosting is important for Small Business?

What is a VPS hosting?

VPS means Virtual Private Server.

It is among the most popular web hosting services. It is an excellent solution for small scale business with medium traffic and e-commerce business.

When you travel to a place in a sharing auto, you have no control over the path the auto driver takes and you have to share the place too.

This is called shared hosting.

And when you book a cab, to reach a destination, you have full control over the car and the driver, you just have to pay the rent.

This is what VPS hosting is about.

You don’t have to buy a space on the web, you rent a space and have control over it.

It’s like living in a rental apartment and having your room.

You have the control to decorate and furnish your room according to your taste.

For a small scale business, VPS is considered to be the best plan

When you start your business and the traffic starts growing you look for more control and space, this is where VPS hosting plays an important role.

A small business should consider VPS Hosting when:

  • Your business has reached medium level traffic.
  • When you want to access complete control on the hosting, virtual and private.
  • When security is a concern for your business.
  • VPS assures you the security of payment.
  • It is the most reliable web hosting service.

Benefits of using VPS hosting in India:

VPS hosting services in India are the most popular.

I have been using VPS hosting india services from for a long time.

It has benefitted me and my business in several ways.

  • VPS hosting is a cheaper option over dedicated hosting. For a small scale business, it facilitates all pros of dedicated hosting at a cheaper price. At HostingRaja you can get a discount of up to 55% on the hosting.
  • They offer many hosting plans and you can select one among them.
  • VPS hosting gives you root-level access at a much lower cost.
  • It is faster and more reliable.
  • HostingRaja guarantees 99.9% uptime.

When your site is searched more, if you are on shared hosting, your server will hang.

Because there are chances that other websites on the same server are also driving more traffic.

So a VPS server needs to have high uptime.

  • Installation is free and customer support is very strong. As HostingRaja is an Indian company, it supports the valued customers of the country.

Other features of VPS with HostingRaja:

It supports both Windows and Linux.

There are many plans like-

  • Basic VPS
  • Premium
  • Extreme VPS
  • Premium e-commerce
  • Extreme eCommerce

You get access to limitless email accounts.

You are also provided with a free SSL certificate.

When you run a business online, backup is very important. Hosting raja gives you free backup and support.

I am a satisfied customer of HostingRajaVPS and strongly recommend it.