Friday 20 May 2022
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Which Vinyl Siding to Choose for a Wooden House?

Which Vinyl Siding to Choose for a Wooden House?

Vinyl siding are plastic panels that imitate the cladding of a house with overlapping boards. When installing this material, the panels are snapped to one another and attached to the crate with self-tapping screws.

Where was Siding Invented?

There is a very widespread belief that siding was invented overseas, more precisely, in America. This statement can be considered true only in part. Initially, it was only a type of lining used for cladding wooden buildings and log cabins. And the founders of this finishing material can be considered the Scandinavians. They were the first to come up with the successful idea that the structure could be sheathed with narrow boards, which must be replaced as they wear out. Nobody thought about which siding is better for a wooden house. The only material was wood. Siding began to used much later as a decoration that would not protect the house from external influences but had the function of decoration that hid the not very attractive appearance of the building.

Modern Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is a simplified name for polyvinyl chloride. This type of finishing material has American roots. Invented in order to obtain a cheaper and more accessible type of siding, which made it possible to replace the wood in the siding. As a result, at this point in time, this material understood as panels made of plastic, metal or cement. Plastic or vinyl is the most popular. It preferred by at least 70% of users. Among the most important and obvious advantages are the cost of the material, and the durability of operation.

The Advantage of Siding a Wooden House

As mentioned above, the main advantage is the price. Decorating a house with siding is much cheaper than lumber. The tree has moved to a more distant plan due to the fact that freshly sawn timber not suitable for either construction or decoration. And after processing, impregnation, and other procedures, the price of wood sheathing becomes several times higher than polyvinyl chloride.

It is impossible not to mention the unpretentiousness to external atmospheric or climatic influences. Either a very strong mechanical effect or an extremely high temperature can destroy the structure of the coating.

Siding strips weigh little, do not require special devices during installation. Even a beginner can handle the job. If the installation work done correctly, there no destructive third-party effect, then the care of the wall covered with such material will consist in periodic cleaning of dust and street dirt.

What brands of siding are sold on the Russian Market?

As with the choice of any other building or finishing material, one should proceed from their ratio of price and quality of the product. In this segment, manufacturers from the USA and Canada are leading by a large margin and an advantage. They have decades of experience on their side. But, and the price of coverage from overseas will be higher than domestic or European at times.

To clarify which manufacturer belongs to which country, you need to pay attention to the marking:

The vast majority of siding sheets sold, more than 80%, imitate wood. Technologies and manufacturers have successfully achieved that the modern material began to faithfully imitate its predecessor – a wooden board. And this found a response in the hearts and wallets of consumers.

Facade siding imitates not only wood, but also brick, and shingles, and straw and any other material. But, and the price for it will be appropriate. The more complex the technology, the more the buyer pays.

What is the Color of Siding

The most widespread are pastel colors in the production of siding. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • material of this color least exposed to ultraviolet radiation;
  • the coating of bright colors and shades undergoes greater thermal expansion, and, consequently, deformation when heated;
  • production of pastel-colored panels is cheaper. Brighter paints are more expensive, and accordingly, the buyer will pay more.

But, color is not the determining factor. When deciding the question: “Which siding is better for a wooden house?” you need to pay attention to the quality of the material. If everything done in accordance with the technology, then any paint will fade under the influence of sunlight, but evenly and rather slowly. If the manufacturer has saved, then the siding will very quickly become covered with white spots.

The Nuances of Installing Siding

  • If the siding purchased for cladding a house made of wood or timber, then you should wait for the final shrinkage and how to install vinyl siding.
  • North American manufacturers often emphasize in their accompanying documentation that their material can be installed on top of OSB boards, without leaving a ventilation gap with different materials. If you act according to this scheme, then you need to provide a vapor barrier inside the room. But there is even the slightest doubt that it is ideal, it is better to leave a gap for ventilation. If the material chosen in bright colors, then ventilation required in any case, that, there should free space between the wall and the covering.
  • The membrane under the siding must not trap steam. Its purpose is to retain moisture and pass steam.
  • When calculating the cost of cladding a house with siding, it will be a big mistake to consider only the cost of the panels. In addition, you will have to buy a lot of additional elements, such as corner strips, soffits, drainage systems, etc. The cost of additional material can catch up and surpass the main one. This also needs to take into account.

Why sheathe a Wooden House with siding?

The rise in the price of electricity and gas, sooner or later, makes every zealous owner think about house insulation. And the point is not that it is blowing from the cracks, but that the bills for energy carriers are getting longer. A house from a bar will have to be covered with plates of one or another insulation. No one will dare to leave the house with foam or mineral wool sticking out on the surface. Vinyl siding can be used as an ideal cover.

As for the frame house, its surface is already 80 percent or more of insulation plates. Above are either OSB slabs or lining. Whether such a house still needs to be insulated is up to the owner. But, it is worth sheathing with siding because any tree with the most ideal impregnation sooner or later begins to soak. The cladding will have to be changed after several seasons, and wood is an expensive material. Sheathing with vinyl siding can be applied one-time, but it will allow you to save on heating and not spend money on buying new facing plates for several decades.