Friday 20 May 2022
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What is MEP BIM Service?

What is MEP BIM Service?

MEP BIM Service focuses on creating information-packed 3D models which deal with the MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) features of building structures. They help to ensure the smooth functioning and longevity of the building during its lifespan.

What information does MEP BIM offer?

MEP BIM puts forward details such as asset numbers, location, and development costs. The information-packed models give an insight into accurate information to conduct the BIM coordination, thereby cutting down ambiguity.

Building designs incorporate different components such as electrical equipment, plumbing pipes, and VAV boxes. Dealing with the wide array of building elements may bring some internal difference of opinion. Resolving all the clashes individually is an overwhelming process.

What is the way to solve the conflict?

Detecting all the conflicts during the preconstruction phase helps track all sorts of clashes. In a nutshell, BIM is the savior! It gives concise information about MEP that can be deployed at all the stages of the building development life cycle such as onsite constructions, offsite manufacturing, operation, and maintenance.

MEP BIM service suffices to lessen all the rework and boost the revenue and efficiency of the building structures.

Should you outsource your MEM BIM Service?

A definite yes!


Increased project productivity. Let’s have a precise look at the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your MEM BIM service.

Resolve conflict smartly: Outsourcing helps to bring in better experience and outlook to detect conflicts. Generally, there are three types of clashes namely soft clash, hard clash, and workflow clash. Usage of clash detection software helps detect all the interferences. Outsourcing helps you get the best professionals who can assist you with their extreme skill.

Economical: Employing in-house professionals results in extra costs. When you outsource MEP BIM service, you just need to pay the agreed cost to the third party. No surplus investments.

Quick Construction: Expert guidance boosts the turnaround time and augments the construction process. The total time required to complete the project is decided initially. This ensures optimum utilization of money and resources. High scalability and flexibility.

Does MEP BIM simplify the demolition process?

BIM helps you understand the condition of the building. One can closely analyse structural integrity of the building structure. What if the building reconstruction cost soars high? Is demolition the right strategy?

Cost analysis is the only way to decide on this. A BIM works effectively to do that. It helps you figure out the difference between the reconstruction cost and demolition cost. And if demolition seems a better option, it helps you find out the best way to execute the demolition process.

Interestingly, BIM helps you speculate the volume of waste that would be originated. You can strategize waste control techniques accordingly.

Wrap-up: MEP BIM Service streamlines all the processes of building construction ranging from preconstruction to knocking down the building. BIM revolves around calculating clashes and scheduling them to save valuable time. Eventually, it optimizes productivity and returns.

Are you planning to leverage your building structures? Go the BIM way!