Tuesday 28 June 2022
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Top 5 Ways to Handle a Day of Bad Forex Trading

Top 5 Ways to Handle a Day of Bad Forex Trading

We all have our bad days. We cannot deny it at all. The same goes to trading. Whether you have been trading CFD for years or a trader very well into his first few weeks of Forex, you are bound to catch a string of bad trades in a day. As much as concentration is key when you are at work, there are other ways to handle the frustration and stress that this causes you in your daily trading life. Here are some of the things that you can do to eliminate the bad vibes of a bad trading day.

Analyzing the Day

We know. You can’t just start walking away from something bad that has happened to you today. What you can do though is start analyzing the trade methodologies you did earlier in the day and take note of alternative measures you can do if another situation similarly you can encounter in the future. This will not only correct the errors you have probably made earlier but will also give you a sound plan and sense of confidence that you might have lacked after taking a hit. Of course, this is to be done only in moderation as this will lead to a possibility of additional stress as you sink your mind into your errors. Having an allotted time after your day or even a weekend can help you jump start the next trading week with full confidence.


Spending the whole day in front of your computer or behind that desk is definitely going to take its toll on you, physically. As most do not know, having spent most of their days sitting in front of the computer and not doing any form of physical activities will lead to unhealthy results. Not having a very healthy lifestyle can also lead to potentially very unhealthy emotions and coping. Being able to have a strict regimen for exercise that you can schedule is going to work wonders with how you may handle the potential stress of CFD trading. Not only are stretches and lifting of weights going to help you physically but also put you in a mentally healthy state that will enable you to handle the tense energy that bad trading days can give you.

Take Time to Relax

As most traders are mostly engulfed with numbers, it is already understood in their DNA that they can sometimes become too analytical of things. This trait at times can be very unhelpful especially when you are in the middle of a bad trading day that cannot be helped. There are just going to be days that the numbers and situation will work against you. As this happens to you, you can take time to go out and relax and give your brain a breather by walking to a park, watch a movie in the cinema, go for a swim or engage in PS4 games with your friends. This is a sure fire way to eliminate analysis paralysis in your day and will definitely reset your perspective for the next trading day.

A Delicious Meal

Some people might think of it as too obvious but it is at times, the best solution. As you overly analyze the circumstance during your trading day, whipping up a quick delicious meal may be able to solve the loss of brain energy. Having something very enjoyable after a bad trading loss can set your mind in a better start and can even restore your energy. Restoring the nutrients in your body and satisfies your mind after a subsequent hit of negative energies caused by your day. Of course, just like everything else, this can be done in moderation.

Thinking of Others

Family and your loved one. Being able to take time away from your bad day by spending time with your children or your significant other can be a great way to cope with the stress of the day. Never let that bad day overlap with your family life. Being able to go through the steps we mentioned earlier can also be a great way to make sure that the negative energy caused by your day will not spill over to them.