Friday 20 May 2022
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Significance of e-Learning

Significance of e-Learning

Due to this Coronavirus pandemic, we have seen a major shift in the educational center. Mostly the schools, universities, colleges, have adopted the virtual mode of teaching. This shift from the conventional forms of teaching to the modern form has changed the overlook of the educational center of the country. Currently, all the students are opting for e-learning. Even the Ministry of Human development has advised all the schools, universities, colleges to adopt remote learning.

E-learning or Online learning has an array of tools. Let’s have a look into some of them:

Video Conferencing: Video conferencing is a vital part of online learning. It gives a better face to face connectivity which makes remote classes interesting and engaging. Both teachers and students can see each other.

Creating Courses:

There is also a tool for creating courses according to a student’s mind structure. Creating a course online will enhance learning. Students will further get a structured syllabus so that they can prepare themselves for the online assessments.

Online exams/ Assessments:

Regular assessments help teachers to mark the progress of their students. It also helps students to know which subject or topics they are lacking.

Enhances Engagement:

The integration of technology into education has made education more interesting for students. They are also learning to operate laptops and computers from a very young age. The technology works as wonders for the teachers. They can make classes interactive and teach students the old lessons in so many new ways. An online test maker enriches the experience of tests and assessments for both the teachers and students.

Test Delivery Provider:

Many Business schools and universities outsource their entrance test which is then conducted by Online Assessment Examination company. With online learning, students will have a good understanding of the dynamics of the computer system. Further, they will find an ease in giving exams.

Individual Learning:

The possibility of understanding the concept of two students is quite less. This is so because everybody has their own mindset. With online learning, a teacher can focus on all the students independently. There are no last benches in online learning. So, a teacher can concentrate on all the students completely. Students can also look at the video for an endless time to clear their doubts.

Interactive participation of all the students: All the students can participate in the class lectures. Every student gets proper attention in online teaching. There are high chances of better concept building. All the subjects and concepts can be better understood.

The flexibility of time: Online learning also offers flexibility. As there is no rush to go to schools or universities a student can take his or her time to learn something. Also, he/ she can get a clear understanding of all the functionality of the molecules as they have ample time for it.

We hope all the above points give you ample reasons to choose online education over the conventional mode of education especially in the times of coronavirus.