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Review On Waltonchase | Why Should You Trust This Broker?

Review On Waltonchase | Why Should You Trust This Broker?

These days there are almost too many options to choose from if you want to select a trading platform. You never know which one is legit. Most of them are unable to follow through with their promise of reliable service. This is why I wanted to share my personal experience with a trading platform. I have been associated with this platform for over 6 years now.

WaltonChase has managed to optimize its trading conditions to suit the variety of its clientele. Traders from different sectors are associated with WaltonChase. Not only beginners but also expert traders find a niche for themselves on this trading platform. WaltonChase has managed to build extraordinary trading conditions. The trading network itself is designed to be truly safe and secure. It has established its standing at the forefront of innovation and valuable market associations. You will soon realize that this empowers them in the trading sector to be a dependable, more suitable trading platform.

Wondering how this platform manages to stand out? It is because of its straightforward and secure service offers. Each service of the platform is designed to provide you with the best trading experience. This platform was developed by trading experts who have been directly involved with the prospects of the trading world. They have tirelessly worked to improve it to cater to the needs of the platform’s clients.

This is of paramount importance to the trading platform. To invest in catering to the clientele. They know that this will help build their reputation in the trading market. As a pioneer in the trading field this platform has managed to assist their customers every step of the way. Conveying their top-notch services on-demand, they have made them on the top of the circuit.

WaltonChase knows that consistent effort is required in the trading business. You need to keep up with the constantly changing sphere of the market. I noticed that this platform recognizes its obligation as a legitimate trading platform. The awareness it holds by recognizing its customer’s needs is outstanding.

The trading world is moderated by the worldwide demographic need and demand. You need to adapt your trade skills to match up to this ever-changing business circuit. WaltonChase helps you manage through that. The organization has been built around a vision. Their first concern is their customer. They know they need to appeal to their clientele.

Acquiring a good profile of clientele is essential for the survival of any trading platform. The number of clients you procure will help boost your trading standpoint. This is exactly what WalterChase has based their trading sector on.

In this review, I’ll try to keep my opinions unbiased in order to give you a detailed overview of WaltonChase. The quality relations this platform has managed to establish with its clients are exemplary indeed. But for you to know whether this is the most suitable trading platform for you, you need to be made aware of the features that it has to offer.

Trading Platform

If you have visited WaltonChase’s trading website already, you will realize how simple it is designed. Whether you are a beginner or an expert trader, the layout is just as appealing to you. The services are listed right in the center, giving you a brief overview of the options. Everything is so simply stated that you wouldn’t have to opt for guidance on that part. The trade graphs are integrated into the web design, which gives you the feel of having the global market at your fingertips.

The ease with which the services can be accessed makes the trading platform even more appealing for the clients. You get the sense of the entire service offerings from the home page itself.

I did notice, however, that the website operates under a dark color scheme. I wouldn’t mind some bright colors in the layout itself, but that is just a personal point of view. When you open the first page of WaltonChase’s web server, you find everything easily accessible from the first page itself. Everything feels like it is just a click away. Even the charts laid out on the trading platform homepage are set against a dark background. Though they are very engaging, I know that they would be even more appealing under a light tone.

Since there are many other options to explore, let me give you an in-depth assessment of the charts that are set aligned on the page. It might be a little overwhelming for some people to come across so many options of customization. But fear not. The standardized layout makes it easy to select and access. The trading options offered by the platform include Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Indices. You might be left a little disappointed with the collection of Indices and Crypto. But all these are options that are continuously improving. WaltonChase is pretty hands-on when it comes to customer demand.

The standardized options to select chart type are easily available with Line, OHLC, Spline, Scatter, and Candlestick. The default chart type selected by the platform is Spline. It not only makes the page look visually appealing, but it also manages to comprehensively illustrate the trade data. You also have the option to zoom in on that chart or shift it to full-screen mode. The option to toggle annotation makes your assessment easier. Other than that you can select your preferred chart indicator based on your requirements.  Not only that, but current price indicators are also laid out completely separately. Thus, giving you an option to make an even more detailed trade report.

All the options are in your hands.  You can set them according to your personal preference. The left side of the trading platform page has your options of Trade, Positions, Closed positions, Deposit, Funds, Account state, Settings, and most importantly Support.

Education center

If you are new to the trade, the education center is the first sector of the trading platform that would go through. Most experts also look to read up on trade every now and then. The market is ever-changing. You can’t ever be too equipped to handle it. WaltonChase has made considerable efforts to cater to the greater demographic of traders. From not only answering queries with FAQs but also categorizing options for Glossary, eBooks, and Asset Index.

The eBooks lined up in WaltonChase’s digital library include information for both beginner level traders and expert trade analysts. There are 12 books in total that have been lined up. The basic Technical Analysis eBook and the Beginners Strategy eBook are some of the books that cater to beginner traders. However, books like Advanced eBook, Advanced strategies eBook, and Advanced Technical Analysis eBook are available for expert traders. You can easily move up towards the higher end of the trade experience spectrum and opt for the different books in different times.

The next thing that the education center has to offer is the Asset Index. This for one impressed me the most. You see, whenever you access this service on any trading platform, it can be quite a task to find the one you are looking for. WaltonChase has made that job easier by laying out the assets in alphabetic order. People can easily access the one that they are looking for. You do not have to spend considerable time scrolling through aimlessly. You get the details on the assets such as their trading hours and expiry rule.

The FAQs themselves have been answered in quite a simple way. WaltonChase is aware of the general public perception regarding trading platforms. The technical lingo can be quite overbearing at times. This is why the glossary is stocked so to say with all technical words used in trade. It helps specify the meaning of these terms.

Account Types

When you want to create a wholesome trading platform, you make sure traders of all kinds will be able to find themselves fit on your server. This is why WaltonChase has come up with a vast variety of account types. This enables them to cater to a greater number of traders. You will find that this platform is very considerate of its clients and audience.

The accounts are designed to be specific. The client needs to know their required needs. It won’t be difficult for them to access the most suitable one for them.

The four account types of accounts offered by WaltonChase are Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Institutional.

Let’s go through the detailed features of these accounts and see what they have to offer.

Silver Account

This account is specifically designed for beginners. Clients can easily opt for this account to test the trading platform itself. It offers Lucrative spreads: Standard, Prioritized withdrawal process: Standard, Significant leverages, up to 300, Senior account manager, Risk management planning, and even private analyst sessions. The minimum deposit for this account is only 10K. Most of these features are pretty standardized for trading. They will allow you to get an initial run-through of the trading platform itself. You can always upgrade to higher levels of accounts.

Gold Account

The next account that WaltonChase offers is the Gold account. The general specifications of this account are similar to those offered in the Silver account with a few upgraded amendments. It has Lucrative spreads: Gold spreads, Prioritized withdrawal process: Fast, Significant leverages up to 400, Senior account manager, Risk management planning, private analyst sessions, and a Special venture promotion. This account requires a minimum deposit of 50K.

Platinum Account

If you have greater trade needs, you can always upgrade to the Platinum account. It includes all the features described in the Gold account with some upgrades like the Lucrative spreads: Platinum spreads, Prioritized withdrawal process: Priority, Significant leverages up to 500, and upgrades like Financial planning, Access to lucrative VIP events, and Arbitrage trading. The minimum deposit requirement for this account type is 250K.

Institutional Account (Invitation Only)

The last account that this trading platform offers its customers is the Institutional account. This is an invitation-only account with everything that was included in the platinum account but with more upgrades like Lucrative spreads, Raw spreads, Prioritized withdrawal process: Immediate, Significant leverages: exclusive, and all things that were mentioned in the Platinum account type. You see the only thing that makes this account stand out is its exclusivity. This is usually opted for by VIP level traders.

Customer Service

One thing that WaltonChase can work on is broadening its scope. Currently, this platform operates with only the English Language. Even with the English language they specifically cater to the UK version. I feel like if they broadened their horizons and incorporated more dialects and various other languages, they would be able to meet greater demand. They currently provide phone service only in Australia. Their phone operating hours are from Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 GMT They do have chat and email options that also are used to reach their servers for queries. The chat support hours are from Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT.

To get through to WaltonChase customer service via chat you only need to enter your name, email, and message. The message is needed to direct you to the right person. You will instantly be able to discuss your concerns with the technical service operator.  I have noticed that their service might be a little off during peak working hours, but they always manage to patch you through in time. My choice of customer service is always the chat option because I find it a lot less laborious than dialing a number or writing an email to the support service.

All of the staff that handles customer service are traders themselves. So be assured regarding the help you receive. The service operators have considerable knowledge. They will always guide you well and help you solve your problems with ease.


The main priority for most trading platforms is catering to their respective service demand. WaltonChase values its clientele. It makes sure that they feel safe and secure while operating from their network. This is why this trading platform has put in considerable effort to layout Risk Disclosure Statements, Anti-Money Laundering Policies, and KYC. The implementation of KYC is a tough task. The KYC protocols protect you and your funds, but it is not so simple to complete. All in all, they have managed to incorporate it so the clients can be protected against any harm. Then there is their Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy. Either way, you will notice that the clients are protected from all sides. I found this to be pretty commendable on part of WaltonChase.

This extra security is definitely worth the hassle you may experience while setting up your account. WaltonChase takes the responsibility of their clientele’s assets pretty seriously.

Why should you trust this broker?

I can only speak from personal experience when I say that this trading platform is reliable. Considering the time I have spent associated with it, I have never encountered any problem. They have always managed to place the needs of their clients first. You are welcome to try it out firsthand to see for yourself.