Friday 20 May 2022
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Necessary Items to Prepare When Going Hiking

Necessary Items to Prepare When Going Hiking

Hiking is an outdoor sport that is loved by many adventurers and explorers. And for the trip to be more complete and perfect, it is extremely important to prepare all the necessary hiking gear and equipment. If you don’t even know what to prepare for hiking, here are the top things you need to prepare when going hiking.

Hiking Backpack

In the list of things to prepare when going hiking, it is indispensable for trekking backpacks. The capacity of the backpack is the top factor that you should pay attention to. You should choose backpacks with a large capacity to help hold the necessary items inside.

In addition, a good mountaineering backpack often has other outstanding features such as water resistance, scratch resistance, padded shoulder straps to reduce impact, and surrounding hooks to prevent the backpack from being moved. moving process.

There are many types of mountaineering backpacks on the market, now during the holidays, there are many promotions, discount codes, coupons are given, take the opportunity to buy yourself a quality hiking backpack.

Hiking Shoes

A good pair of specialized hiking shoes will make it easier for you to move. If you do not know what shoes to climb, depending on the terrain of your hiking location, you can choose a suitable pair of shoes.

  • River and stream terrain: should choose wading trekking shoes to make it more convenient to wade through rivers and mountains. Moreover, the special of this waterproof mountaineering shoe also has a good grip so you can be completely assured
  • Rocky terrain: Should choose high-neck hiking shoes, with laces and small grooves on the bottom of the sole to increase friction and limit slip.
  • Muddy terrain: should choose waterproof shoes to prevent mud from sticking to the outside. In addition, you should wear spiked shoes to enhance grip.
  • Snow and ice terrain: it is necessary to use the right type of snowshoes to be able to move on snowy terrain. Moreover, it is recommended to choose high-heeled shoes to keep warm as well as protect the ankle perfectly.

Hiking Stick

If the hiking locations have rough and dangerous terrain, you need to immediately add a hiking stick to the list of hiking gear to prepare. Because the hiking sticks have the effect of balancing and reducing the force on the foot or supporting it easily when going through difficult terrain.

Should choose a club with a height equal to the ear elbow and can adjust the height flexibly. Besides, some types of hiking sticks also have additional shock absorbers, wrist straps for you to grip more firmly.

Hiking Gloves

Gloves are a necessary hiking item because they have the effect of increasing grip when hiking, protecting hands, and avoiding insects getting into hands. Good hiking gloves are usually made of hemp or suede. The surface has gripping spikes to enhance grip and prevent slipping. You should choose waterproof gloves that can cover your fingers or open half your fingers.

Flashlight Lighting

In mountainous locations, there will certainly be no electric lights, so it is often difficult to move or live in the evening. Therefore, a super bright flashlight is considered an essential item when hiking. In addition, if you want to make it easier to move, you can choose a flashlight!

Map, Compass, Locator

If this is your first time coming to this hiking place, do not forget to prepare yourself with a map, compass, or GPS navigation tools to avoid getting lost in the forest or wilderness. have someone!


A camping tent will give you a place to rest after hours of hard hiking. Depending on the number of members on the trip to choose the right camping tent.

Note: it is recommended to choose a camping tent of a larger size. For example, if you go with 3 people, you should choose a 4-person camping tent to help have more storage space.

You can find camping tent models easily through e-commerce sites, there are many promotions, discount codes, coupons for camps included that will help you save a lot of money when buying.

Sleeping Bag

If the camping tent gives you a place to rest, the sleeping bag has the effect of providing a smooth and comfortable sleep. Since the temperature in the mountains is usually lower than the temperature in the plains, you should choose a sleeping bag with good heat retention to protect the body and ensure the health of the members.

Hand Sanitizer

To ensure hygiene when eating or living, carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer is extremely necessary. Instead of carrying bulky bottles, you can buy mini ones to take with you when you travel. If not, you can extract cosmetic bottles!

Basic Drugs

What to prepare for hiking? Surely there will be no lack of basic medicines, right? Because the hiking locations are often very wild, no people are living, so you will need to prepare all the necessary things to be more active. Some basic drugs can be mentioned such as abdominal pain medicine, pain reliever, headache, fever reducer, glucose…

First aid Kit

Just like medicine, you need to prepare additional necessary first aid kits such as cotton, gauze, red medicine, hydrogen peroxide, ego, glasses bandages, scissors… Please put them in a small bag to quickly find the necessary items. when needed!

Insect Sprays

If during the climb you will have to go through the forest or the bushes, prepare a bottle of insect spray! According to many people’s hiking experience, you should spray on the outside of your clothes too!

Drinking Water

Drinking water is an extremely necessary thing that you should bring when preparing to climb the mountain. Because when we exercise continuously, our body will lose water. Each member should prepare about 2L of water/day. In addition, you can also prepare glucose packets to rehydrate when tired.


Above is a list of the necessary equipment to prepare when going hiking. Hopefully, the information that the article provides will help you no longer have to wonder what to prepare for hiking!