Tuesday 28 June 2022
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My Review on RosewoodTrust, Is this broker worth it? (

My Review on RosewoodTrust, Is this broker worth it? (

Here is my own personal review on RosewoodTrust. A forex trading platform that I have been using for a few years now. As a lot of people need reassurances regarding the various platforms online which are accessible so easily to everybody. Now, it has become difficult for people to find out which broker is genuine, and which is just a fraud. So, If my review can help someone out there pick out a reliable platform then I would like to help by conveying my personal experience and thoughts on RosewoodTrust.

RosewoodTrust is a straightforward, genuine customer-oriented business firm that offers trading conditions to a wide customer base. Serving retail just as institutional customers around the world by offering CFDs on FX, Indices, Stocks, Crypto, and Commodities since its initiation.

The platform’s super tight spreads, many financial related tools, all-round client care, trendsetting innovation, quick execution, and the low deposit requirement makes RosewoodTrust one of the solid and regarded representatives accessible.

They believe in approaching clients with respect. They develop through innovativeness, creation, and advancement. RosewoodTrust coordinates genuineness, uprightness, and business morals into all parts of its business. Also, they look to manufacture long haul associations with the customers and give extraordinary client assistance by seeking business through development and cutting-edge innovation.

RosewoodTrust has developed global expansion in the field of FX and CFD trading and built up a solid base of key clients. Additionally, increment the assets and ventures of the organization to help the advancement of services. Finally, they have built a good standing in the field of management and become a vital participant in the trading business.

With my review on the platform, I want to go through all the details and services they have to offer so people can understand what they will be getting when they decide to become RosewoodTrust’s client.

Trading Platform

The platform offers only one dialect i.e. English and it can offer more for a more extensive crowd. I would lean toward some splendid tones yet that is an individual preference. Exactly when you open the site, and the main page appears, and you are quickly taken aback by how RosewoodTrust has made everything so adequately accessible. Everything is just a click away. Along these lines, first I need to enlighten you about the trading platform. Again, the trading platform with the chart may have been in some brighter tones as I envision that would have been all the more enthralling to connect with. As ought to be clear there are unlimited options on the trading platform page.

People can get a bit overwhelmed when they see a significant framework with endless options to change it. Along with all these trading options like Forex, Commodities, Crypto, Stocks, and Indices, the combination of Indices and Crypto can be improved with RosewoodTrust, notwithstanding, they by and large give the best variety of trading varieties to their clients.

The chart you can see clearly has various options to encounter. It is absolutely customizable with options like chart type (Line, OHLC, Spline, Scatter, and Candlestick). Their default graph type is Candlestick which apparently looks really common clearly, according to your preference you can change that along with the chart pointer, Label, Segment and you can even pick the option of current value markers.

You can zoom in, zoom out, make it full a screen, it’s all in your grip and your own preference. On the most left side of the screen, you will have the varieties of Trade, Positions, Closed positions, Deposit, Funds, Acc. state, Settings, and most importantly Support.


Continuing ahead to the Education center, you will see that RosewoodTrust took the opportunity of adding FAQs just as to help any type of trader, the platform has introduced Glossary, eBooks, and Asset Index.

In eBooks, RosewoodTrust contemplates the students as well as the specialists in trading and gives all brokers around 12 eBooks. Each book is available to all clients hence anyone can encounter them. They have some expert examination eBooks, Advanced eBooks, Beginners Strategies eBooks, etc.

With Asset Index RosewoodTrust has truly enthralled me as they have put every single asset they offer in alphabetical order. Thus, people can go over and investigate their specific asset which is outfitted with details like their trading hour and expiry rule.

By then, there is the FAQ, where all the questions that the general public has been answered in the most central language, so it is sensible to all, and no one feels left out. The glossary gives you the significance of the apparent multitude of dialects and terms used in the trading scene. Numerous people experience trouble reviewing what a specific term truly infers hence, they start to feel like they may not have the fundamental knowledge. Subsequently, the glossary is there to empower all the customers to remember the big terms used in the trading scene.

Account Types

Since RosewoodTrust has been able to create a platform where all those traders can get together and trade safely. They have, moreover, had the choice to make an enormous collection of account types to oblige any sort of trader out there. Everyone can find an account type sensible to their necessities. It obviously shows how valiant this platform is to their clients and audience.

They have made these specific, all around considered four account types which anyone can come over and can find the right one for their trading needs.

The four account types are Savings, Passive Income, Retirement, and Wealth Builder.

We should explore each account type and see what they need to bring to the table.

Savings Account

The Savings account is basic for beginners and people who want to test the platform by picking the starting account type. This account offers more than 200 Tradable assets, Market reviews, and flexible leverage up to 100 along with competitive spreads up to 1.5%. The base deposit for this account is only 250 Dollars.

Passive Income Account

The Passive Income account offers Over 200 tradable assets, Market review, Dedicated senior account manager, Bonus funds, Flexible leverage up to 1:200, Competitive spreads up to 1%, Tier-3 trade room analysis, Financial Planning, Risk management planning, Special venture promotions, Monthly webinars, and Level-3 prioritized withdrawal process. This account requires a base deposit of 5,000 Dollars.

Retirement Account

The Retirement account joins all the features depicted in the Passive Income account with certain upgrades like the Tight spreads: 0.5%, Prioritized withdrawal measure: Level 2, Significant leverage up to 300, weekly webinars, Trade room examination: level 2, Trading signals, Private investigation meetings, and Prioritized withdrawal measure: level 2. The base deposit essential for this account type is 20,000 Dollars.

Wealth Builder Account

The last yet not the least account type is called Wealth Builder account. This is an amazing account type with every one of the features associated with the Retirement account yet with more upgrades like Tight spreads: 0.3%, Prioritized withdrawal measure: Level 1, Significant leverage up to 400, complete admittance to online classes, Trade room examination: complete access, Trading signals, Access to worthwhile VIP occasions, Private investigation meetings, and Prioritized withdrawal measure: level 1.

Customer help

I figure they can develop the language to unite worldwide dealers and offer them their exceptional services. They simply give a phone helpline in Australia and the United Kingdom. While they do offer 24/7 live chats and email options. Their phone working hours are from Monday to Friday 09:00-13:00 GMT, and Chat support hours are from Monday to Friday 07:00-14:00 GMT.

Right, when you have to start a live chat you ought to just enter your name, email, and a message so you can get related with the right individual and start a discussion that is truly related to your issue. RosewoodTrust is pretty expedient with their live chat. I without a doubt lean toward the live chat when I compare it to the email or phone support varieties. The live chat is quick and straightforward. You can find reasonable solutions to your issues.

The total of the staff that handles support services are similarly traders as well, so they have a broad knowledge of the trading scene. This way they are prepared to handle your concerns with the best courses of action as well.


RosewoodTrust follows and puts its accentuation on client security. Their chief priority is that the clients have a feeling of safety and security with their foundation. Along these lines, they have figured out how to coordinate Risk Disclosure Statements, Anti-Money Laundering Policy, and KYC. The KYC policies are something that is making sure about you and the safety of your assets, yet it’s not too simple to complete and takes a little time. With everything considered, they have it so the clients can be taken care of against any harm. By then there is likewise their Withdrawal, Refund, and Cancellation Policy, Basically, they have endeavored to move toward every little detail to guarantee that the clients are taken care of. That is praiseworthy of RosewoodTrust to be so serious on their regulations and rules.

Can you trust this Broker?

Would I propose this platform to you? I guess, yes. As they do provide a lot of data and trading facilities for your needs. They have been good to me and I am sure they will be good for you as well. Do give the platform a try.