Saturday 21 May 2022
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Jute Mats- Get a Fantastic Natural Home Decor Piece for Use

Jute Mats- Get a Fantastic Natural Home Decor Piece for Use

Rugs created using natural fibres are highly useful and much more advantageous than other synthetic options. For example, if you use jute rugs, you can bring out the best in an area in a myriad of styles without putting a burden on your pocket. Jute fibre rugs are highly durable and give a unique kind of look to the area these are placed in.

Jute fibre rugs are available in various kinds of distinct textures and natural ones. The popular choices of jute rugs enhance the look of homes arranged in the simplest styles. These lend an inherent beauty and unique charm to a home area with their tan and beige shades. Jute can be woven in various forms and this is how different kinds of patterns and styles of jute rugs are obtained. The best part is that jute rugs do not require any maintenance. However, there are few considerations required for making it suitable for certain locations in a home.

Jute carpets and mats are natural, soft as well as durable. The best part is that these are pet-friendly and can be cleaned quite conveniently in the usual vacuuming routine of a home. With its natural tanned look and brown colours, jute rug blends effortlessly within the home interiors. As compared to other natural fibre rugs like sisal and sea grass, jute fibre rugs have thicker dimensions. Jute fibres may also be blended with chenille for obtaining of a greater degree of softness rendering the useful for lying, in the children’s playing areas.

Things to Keep in Mind

Jute fibres are highly absorbent. Thus, it is not useful to keep them in high moisture areas like in the kitchen or near bath areas. Moisture makes jute prone to the growth of mildew and moulds and it also has a tendency to fall apart.

However, the good thing is that the natural tone of jute fibres hides the dust and dirt marks. Jute also sheds and it is seen when you lift the jute rug. With regular vacuuming routine, this problem can be effectively countered. Continuous exposure to the sun is going can fade the rug’s colour. Thus, it is better to not place the jute rugs in areas that receive lot of sunlight or keep rotating the rug for avoiding uneven toning in the exposed areas.

Cleaning of Jute Rugs

  • Do not use spot cleaners for jute rugs. Never go for steam cleaning for jute rugs. Simple cleaning with brush attachments can effectively clean and extract dust present in the woven structure of the jute mat.
  • Vacuuming in different directions of the rug is going to remove most of the dirt, debris, which could otherwise comprise the beauty and the usefulness of your rug. But, if jute has a binding, the stitched area should not be vacuumed for ensuring that a prolonged life for the rug. The spills on the rough should be blotted out rather than spot cleaned.

Jute rugs can be transformed into eye-catching accents with the use of compatible paint colours (latex paints and spray on options). Jute floor coverings are used as hallways runner, functional doormats and also area rugs.