Saturday 21 May 2022
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How to Safely Move Your Gun Safe?

How to Safely Move Your Gun Safe?

If you are a responsible gun owner, then you surely own a gun safe so that you can securely keep the gun and ammunition. Gun safes are available in various types and sizes. More often a gun safe is permanently placed in a spot. But when you are relocating, you need to move the gun safe too. If the gun safe is a small one, then as the owner, you can easily move it. But a bigger and heavier gun safe is not easy to move.

Hiring Charlotte Movers for Moving Gun Safe

When you are planning to relocate and want to make the whole process easier and relaxing, hiring the right team of Charlotte movers is necessary. And they will be able to move the gun safe too. Heavy duty gun safe moving requires special equipment that will make the process safe without damaging the gun safe or causing any injury. The movers will come with the right equipment, covers and vehicles to help you move the gun safe. So, when you are moving, don’t forget to search for gun safe movers near me in Charlotte and Raleigh.

Now, let’s take a look at the following points to know how you can move a gun safe easily and without any hassle.

Empty the Gun Safe before Moving

Even though this is an obvious thing to do, you might be surprised to know how often it is overlooked. Your guns, ammunition and gun safe are all highly expensive equipment. While moving the gun safe with the guns inside, it will get heavier. In case the gun safe is dropped accidentally, the guns and the safe will require repairing and that will be an added expense for you when you are already spending a lot of money for the move. Also, don’t move the gun safe with the loaded gun inside it. Of course this will increase the chances of an accident. On the day before the moving day, you need to empty the gun safe so that movers Raleigh NC can move it safely.

Get Heavy Duty Equipment

While relocating, many people try to cut corners to save a few bucks. But moving gun safe is not something where you should cut corners for. This is a heavy duty move and it will require the right equipment. The important things that you will need to move your gun safe are a dolly, gloves, secure quick access straps, and a big truck for loading.

For the dolly to move the gun safe, you need to know how much your gun safe weighs and how much weight the dolly can carry. Check the manuals or call the manufacturing company of the gun safe to know the size and weight. Knowing the dimensions will allow you to move the gun safe easily. The straps will be needed to secure the gun safe on the dolly. This is the reason you need to hire a Charlotte moving company as they will not only come with the right equipment but also have strong and trained movers. They are experienced in moving the gun safe. They will move it safely for you.

Note the Obstacles

When you are moving the gun safe, taking the dimension will help you understand if there is any obstacle or not. Whether the gun safe will move easily through the doorway or not, if the staircase is wide enough for moving the gun safe or not, these are some considerations that you will have to do. Let the moves know about these obstacles beforehand so that they can be prepared.

Getting the Right Vehicle

While moving a gun safe, you need the right vehicle. The gun safe is a heavy thing and it will need to be secured in the truck while relocating. So, make sure you are getting a big truck for it. Or if you are hiring a moving company, let them know so that they can bring the right vehicle too.

The gun safes can weigh thousand pounds and that is why moving them will be difficult. But with the right moving team, you can move the gun safe easily. So, hire a reputed team of movers for the job.