Saturday 21 May 2022
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How to Increase the Income of an SEO Specialist Several Times

How to Increase the Income of an SEO Specialist Several Times

This article will be about how my life and work changed after taking Anton’s course. This article is not an advertisement and nothing is exaggerated here, this is just history and live cases from practice, which we will also analyze today!

Before I came to work in client seo, I made my living by repairing computers for a long time. As soon as I started promoting sites, everything seemed very good, the sites grew and seemed to be consistently paying me 10 thousand rubles a month. Then I already got quite a lot of clients about 8-10, I don’t remember exactly. Months of work passed and there was not much sense, like the sites were growing, but very slowly and somehow most of them still did not go to the top. Now, by the way, I understand why. I only did linking and wrote texts on categories, all this went on for a very long time (well, of course, while the texts were being written), I bought links and so on.

Most of those clients left, and I didn’t want to take money for the lack of a result, especially taking 20-30 thousand for a project did not seem realistic at all.

Time passed and I realized that I needed to learn about a SEO company somewhere. I watched many courses, I won’t even list them all. I studied with one specialist online, and in a group of 4 people, and this did not give me anything in practice. In theory, everything seems to be beautiful, but in practice there is no result. In the review, I already wrote what a cool effect Anton’s lesson alone gave, and it’s free.

What Has Changed in My Work

I took Anton’s first course, probably in November last year. Quite a little time passed, I took a couple of new clients – a service site and an online store. Now they no longer pay me 10 thousand and I have reached a new level, since there are results and there is a portfolio (we will talk about cases below).

Now, seeing my results, clients choose more expensive rates. Wages and living standards rose sharply and results soared. Time passed and I opened an individual entrepreneur and a checking account, now everything is serious for me. Now I work under a contract and give a guarantee, since I clearly know that I will give the result accurately and very quickly. Now I started blogging and opened my own site.

The Pain of Client SEO

Before taking the course, my results, to be honest, were not very high. Each time communication with clients led to pain, as Anton wrote in one of his articles ( here ). They had to wait for months for the site to enter the top and bring at least some traffic. I often heard from clients about how long it took to promote, no results and other collisions. Now communication with clients has changed dramatically. Below you will see exactly how.

Several Real Testimonials from Customers

I received this feedback thanks to the introduction of active elements on the site and the most important request was in second place within a few days. There were various optimization experiments.


In general, life and work have changed a lot. All cases and reviews are real. What I want to say: if you are thinking of going to Anton for training, then do not think, go! Previously, I could only be paid 10 thousand and no more, since the result was so-so, before there were always problems with clients, now they are not. Now I can give a guarantee that is spelled out in the contract and also promote where there are some aggregators. Improve your knowledge correctly – this is the best investment! Or come to me for promotion, there will be a special offer for those who come from this article.