Friday 20 May 2022
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How Long Should You Rest Between Sets When Building Muscle?

How Long Should You Rest Between Sets When Building Muscle?

How many seconds should I wait before starting another set? It is the most frequently asked question by beginner bodybuilders. There are two types of rest: active and passive rest. In active rest, you usually do push ups, jog in a place, or do jumping jacks. While in passive rest, you sit down, stand, or lightly walk.

Not many people know that there are a plethora of factors that you must consider when growing muscles. One of the most key factors is the rest periods. Generally, rest periods are divided into three categories: long, moderate, and short rest periods.

Here is everything you must know about rest periods.

How Much Rest You Need?

Well, there is no hard and fast rule that you can follow. Normally, for bodybuilding, rest periods are influenced by bodybuilding goals. For instance, you want to increase your stamina, or you want to be stronger. According to research, you can go ahead with just one goal at a time.

That is why if you want to be stronger, you have to follow a workout plan that will increase your strength.

  • For increasing power and strength, you must rest for 2 to 5 minutes between each set.
  • If you wish to build muscles, the 30 seconds to 90 seconds rest period is ideal.
  • To improve muscle endurance, 30 seconds or less is the best rest period.

Long Rest Period

If you want to fully restore your strength, you should go with long rest periods. It will enable you to use maximum weights for workouts. As a result, you can have massive gains as quickly as possible. When you improve your strength, you will be able to lift heavy weights. However, by taking long rests, you will not be able to tire your muscles as much.

Short Rest Period

When you tire your muscles with the help of weight training, it will help them get bigger. You will need 30 seconds of rest between every set to build muscles. However, it is a short break, meaning that you will not get enough rest to maintain strength. If you lift light weights, you can take short rest periods. Unfortunately, you will not be able to grow your muscles.

Moderate Rest Period

Well, if you are looking for somewhere in between long and short rest periods, moderate is the best choice. Thanks to moderate breaks, you will not fully restore strength between sets, yet you can use heavy weights. The weights lifted are heavy to target muscle fibers with the highest possibility of growth. On the other hand, fatigue is essential for turning on the mechanisms for muscle growth.

What to do During the Break?

For avid bodybuilders, it can be hard to keep them away from the gym. If you are one of them, we have got the solution for you. You can spend this time relaxing your muscles. Spending some time resting can help to loosen the stiff muscles.

Other than that, you can focus on your diet while you are on the break. The internet is filled with information on the diet that is suitable for bodybuilders. You can take their help. Likewise, you can do some research on the best steroids you can use to build, grow and strengthen the muscles. While you are it, also find out the best stores from where you can buy these steroids. Among the numerous steroids that facilitate online customers, you can rely on UGFreak. One of the most reliable and reputed stores, it offers real products manufactured by top of the line brands. The products available at UGFreak are real and available at economical rates.

A Final Word

All in all, rest periods vary depending on body types and how it produces the energy for a workout. Mostly, bodybuilders take 30 to 90 seconds break between sets. For the best results, you must go with moderate rest periods. It will help gain muscles as quickly as possible. Keep in mind you must not overtrain your muscles.