Wednesday 29 June 2022
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How Does The Real Estate After-Sales Service Works?

How Does The Real Estate After-Sales Service Works?

Customer service is one of the best ways to strengthen the growth of a business, especially if all aspects are taken care of in all phases that are pre-sale, sale, and post-sale.

Precisely, after-sales service is one of the most neglected and in sectors such as real estate, all phases must be attended, but especially the real estate after-sales service.

And it is that if it is not done, a real business opportunity and the possibility of generating more clients are lost, with being careful in some aspects and polishing small details. If you want to know what these aspects are and how a real estate agent should improve them, this article interests you.

What is the after-sales service of real estate?

The customer service carried out after a sale is an added value since the owners are satisfied and happy with the services of the real estate or the agent that has facilitated the purchase process and if this service has been good and exceeds their expectations they will speak well of you and the company that has sold them your home.

This means two things, the first that you have a happy customer and the second that you can get more customers from the first owner.

Many real estate companies think of acquiring homes of all kinds to have a portfolio that is as large and varied as possible. However, other agencies focus on obtaining owners, it is a change of mentality and therefore of strategy. Think that houses are not bought but that those who buy are the owners.

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That is, the more owners and owners we have assets in our database, the greater possibilities we will have of selling or acquiring the houses or apartments that interest us the most. And it is that it makes all the sense in the world to approach the problem from a point of view different from the traditional ones, but effective in practice.

Advantages of Real Estate after-sales

The good practices of a sale translate into good comments, a better image of the agency, reduction of advertising expenses, customer loyalty, increased sales, increased labor productivity and labor profitability, and business opportunities and growth.

All of the above are benefits that a real estate company achieves if it makes a sale that exceeds the owner’s expectations and if it offers a quality real estate after-sales service. And is that the sale does not end when you give the keys to the owner, but the process lasts longer and never ends.

We must take care of and think of the owners as if they were our children, and it is that by encouraging clients and thinking about aspects such as managing problems that occur later, they are the difference between quality service and a normal one.

And if we think about it, acquiring a property is not something we do many times, hopefully once or twice in our life and if we are very lucky more, but the truth is that we will not easily forget a company that has helped us to manage the purchase of our life.

Buying a home takes many years of effort and savings to achieve. It is the main objective of many people, either for security, to leave it as an inheritance to their heirs or simply to stop living in rent. For all the above, an agency must focus its efforts on real estate after-sales.

In this way, customers perceive it and see it as an added value. These are free referrals that other clients can bring us and generate sales with little effort since they have spoken well of us. But to achieve this, you must first achieve it and work it through an appropriate strategy that we will tell you below.

How does the real estate after-sales service work?

Before thinking about a suitable strategy to offer a good real estate after-sales we must ask ourselves certain questions such as:

  • Response time to customer requests.
  • Kindness and attention in the treatment.
  • Professionalism and quality of the service offered in all phases.
  • Follow up on customer issues.
  • Time of execution of requests and incidents.
  • Verification of the most repeated incidents to reduce them.

All these points will allow us to strengthen our after-sales strategy, however, if we had to keep a couple of them, it would be the quality of the treatment and quick execution of the requests.

And, as we discussed in the previous paragraph, a sale does not end when you hand over the keys, but you also have to be attentive to everything that happens afterward.

What happens if the papers are wrong? What happens if there are failures in the pipes or the installations of the house fail? What if there is a problem with the bank? Solving some of these issues and helping the customer make a difference in service.

Would you not repeat going to a car workshop that takes the vehicle to pass the ITV and does not charge you. Well, this is the same. The question is how do we guarantee compliance, the answer is very simple, fulfilling our obligations as professionals and offering the best that we have.

To do this, you can go to good real estate practices such as CACI, the first  Real Estate Quality Code that is made in Dubai, specifically, in Andalusia, hence the name  And alusian Real Estate Quality Code or CACI.

It is a self-regulation code for the real estate sector that ensures good practices for the client and has protocols of action so as not to mislead clients, inform them of everything that happens and allow conflict resolution through arbitration procedures of law or mediation.

Another way to win over the customer and raise they expect to gain their trust.

For this, the name of our agency must precede us and it is that the process of managing the sale of a home is difficult and if the making of contact with a client starts well since our presence is familiar and they have said good things about us It will save our work and we will save steps in the sales process.

Finally, to improve customer service and increase real estate after-sales results, we must rely on technology and marketing.

In this way, actions such as using quality photographs, virtual home staging (a kind of augmented 3D that helps to visualize a house), selling the house on platforms and internet sites, getting real estate leads or referrals will help us enhance our after-sales real estate.