Saturday 21 May 2022
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Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition

Food has been given a very important place in our life as it is our basic requirement.  Peptide Therapy In Los Angeles, it’s easy to get confused when it comes to health and nutrition. Even qualified experts often seem to hold opposing opinions. Yet, despite all the disagreements, several wellness tips are well supported by research. Here are 27 health and nutrition tips that are based on good science.

It is our basic need because it is the source of mental and physical energy. The food we eat affects not only our bodies and the efficiency of our minds but directly affects our nature and habits. Therefore, knowledge of a balanced diet is indispensable for “good health”.The “balanced diet” is also discussed in Yoga Science. However, their reference is not similar to the diet tables given to us by modern dietitians who provide the daily requirements of fats, proteins, minerals, etc. We will briefly discuss the relationship between food and health.” Aahar” (Sanskrit for food) as described in yoga. Aahar or food does not just mean eating by mouth but also includes the air and sunlight we receive through the pores of our skin.

The energy requirements for all of our physical and mental activities are derived from the food we eat. The brain requires 20 volts of energy to perform its daily functions, which is absorbed from glucose and oxygen. Overeating requires more energy for digestion. Energy is limited, excess energy intake by the digestive system means less energy for all of our mental activities. The excessive temptation to food goes hand in hand with our diminished intellectual activity. What sane man would love that?

According to the science of medicine, anger, fluctuations, impulsivity, and short temper are diseases of the human mind. They arise due to an increase in the proportion of uric acid in the body due to a decrease in enzymes in the body, which in turn depend on a balanced diet.

According to Yoga Science, a balanced diet is important but the most important is excretion. Food is essential because it is the source of all life activities. The body absorbs essential components from food and then excretes waste. But if there is an imbalance in food intake, it disrupts this natural process. The large intestine is not the only place where waste products accumulate, it does so in even every small cell of the body. Modern nutritionists believe that good health requires 80% alkaline acids and 20% acidic ones. Overeating, eating at short intervals and eating without hunger, that is, a lack of proper knowledge of food leads to an increase in the concentration of acid in negative and alkalinity as positive elements. To maintain the correct ratio between the two, a third important aspect comes into the picture, which is Anshan (fasting).

According to the science of yoga, the organs of the human body such as the kidneys, heart, and liver can function for 300 years. But due to eating improperly, their life span is shortened. The digestive system becomes overburdened when there are excess acidic elements in the body. Methods for excretion of foreign particles in the body have been proposed, namely-

1) Anshan

2) Disciplined eating.

3) Give up the desire for taste buds.

Energy is indeed derived from food, but dullness also occurs due to overeating. Eating more than the body needs reduces the benefits of food. To digest food, the digestive system has to work more, and thus the energy of the body is lost on this and thus other organs of the body are deprived of this essential body energy. Due to the excessive workload, the secretory organs become weak and unable to perform their functions, and therefore a lot of toxic waste accumulates in the body. To give relief to the digestive system it is important to fast (Anshan). At least once a week, it is important to give the digestive system some rest. Not everyone can perform a full day fast, for this purpose eating restricted food (under) or overcoming the temptations of taste buds (Ras Parityag) can also be a solution. Some of the other factors that can determine the health of your internal organs are age, seasons, exercise, etc. In addition to all this, the place and the way of eating are also very important. Food should be eaten in healthy and clean surroundings, it should not be eaten under any kind of stress, sadness, or anxiety of any kind, and food should not be eaten at an inappropriate hour. If anyone eats under these conditions, the food will not be properly digested.

In the olden days, people would fast on full moon nights. Astronomers believe that the human mind is directly influenced by the moon. It is curious that, according to numerous researches, it was found that the number of crimes committed on full moon nights is much greater than usual.

Why is it so?

This means that the moon has a direct effect on the human body. The reason is that the human body is made up of 80% fluids. It is known that the moon affects the movement of water on the earth, in the nights of the full moon there are high tides. From now on, the human body is affected most on the night of the full moon.