Tuesday 28 June 2022
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The brain can always restore health naturally, just as the body restores health. Most of this natural adjustment process occurs during sleep, especially during REM sleep. Francine Shapiro developed Eye Movement and Rehabilitation (EMDR) in 1987, using this natural procedure to successfully treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Since then, EMDR has been used to effectively treat many types of mental health problems.


Exercise and rehabilitation for the blind is a type of psychotherapy that allows people to recover from the symptoms and emotional discomfort caused by difficult life experiences. Repeated studies have shown that through EMDR treatment, it takes several years for people to play the role of psychotherapy. It is generally believed that acute emotional pain takes a long time to heal. EMDR treatment shows that while the body is recovering from a physical injury, the brain can actually heal mental damage. When you cut your arm, your body closes the wound. For contact us click here emdr therapeuten If a foreign body or repeated strain irritates the wound, the wound will spread and cause pain. After the building is demolished, the repair process will continue. EMDR treatment showed that the same set of events occurred in brain function. Psychological information processing systems will naturally play a role in mental health. If the system is blocked or the balance is affected by a traumatic event, emotional trauma may occur and serious damage may occur. After the building is demolished, the repair process will continue. Through the agreements and detailed methods we learned in the EMDR training course, the clinic can help clients with physical rehabilitation activities.


More than 30 randomized controlled trials have been conducted for EMDR treatment. Some studies have shown that after only 90 minutes of three games, 84%-90% of the victims are no longer depressed. Another study funded by HMO Kaiser Permanente found that after only six games in 50 minutes, 100% of high-risk victims and 77% of high-risk victims are no longer diagnosed with PTSD. In another study, 77% of veterans did not have PTSD in 12 courses. There are many studies on the treatment of EMDR, and it is now recognized as an effective method for treating injuries and other traumatic experiences. Alliance, World Health Organization and Ministry of Defense. emdr therapeuten Recognized worldwide as an effective trauma treatment method, you can easily understand how EMDR treatment can effectively treat “daily” memories. This is why people have poor self-esteem, feel powerless and many problems that lead to their treatment. More than 100,000 clinics around the world use this treatment method. In the past 25 years, thousands of people have been successfully treated.


EMDR therapy is an eight-phase therapy. During part of the session, use eye movements (or other dual stimulation). After the doctor determines the memory to target first, he asks the client to capture different aspects of the event or attention, and use his eyes to observe the therapist’s hand moving forward and backward. This is because Harvard University researchers believe that it is related to the biotechnology involved in rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, internal organic matter appears, and customers begin to process sensitive memories and emotions. Through successful EMDR treatment, the concept of painful events has been transformed into an emotional level. For example, rape victims become panic and self-conscious, and believe that “I am safe and strong.” Unlike speech therapy, customer feedback on EMDR therapy does not come from the doctor’s explanation, but from the rapid mental and emotional flow of consumers. The end result is that customers will eventually suffer EMDR treatment, and once the experience makes them feel uncomfortable, they will feel more capable. Their wounds have not healed yet, they have changed. The natural result of the EMDR treatment process is that the client’s thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are powerful indicators of emotional health and resolution-all without the need to edit or complete other treatment tasks.

During the EMDR treatment, you will always be in control and fully awake. This is not a form of hypnosis, you can stop activities at any time. During the treatment process, the therapist will provide support and assistance for your treatment and minimize intervention. Reconstruction is generally considered to occur spontaneously, and new connections and perspectives are considered to arise naturally from within. As a result, most people view EMDR as a powerful physical therapy.


EMDR utilizes the natural healing power of your body. After a thorough evaluation, the system will ask you specific questions about your specific memory. Just by asking them to watch the therapist’s fingers move back and forth toward your appearance, you can restore eye movements similar to those during REM sleep. Sometimes light bulbs or headphones are used. (emdr therapeuten) The eye movement will last for a short period of time and then stop. Then, you will be asked to report what you saw during the different types of eye movements. Lessons learned may include changes in thoughts, images, and emotions.

Through repeated eye movements, the memory tends to become a pattern that loses the intensity of pain and easily becomes a moderate memory of the last event. Other related memories can also be cured immediately. Memory-related interactions can bring significant and rapid progress in many aspects of your life.