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Check out these 7 Types of Customer Testimonials with Examples

Check out these 7 Types of Customer Testimonials with Examples

Nothing helps draw attention to a product or service as a testimonial does. Now, imagine you run an assignment help service online, you can utilise client testimonials to attract the prospects to avail your services.

But before that, gain perspective on different types of testimonials or reviews. On that note,

Here’s a List of Diverse Types of Testimonials and their Examples for you to check out.


These are the most popular types of testimonials. They’re powerful, credible, and, most importantly, they’re effective. “It remains the most common form of testimonial drives conversions effectively”, opines Gloria Hansen, an expert for Myassignmenthelp. Here’s an example of quote testimonial from

Source: Sumo

2. Social Media

Social media has made receiving customer testimonials extremely convenient. To receive positive social media feedback, businesses need to keep their consumers engaged by posting regularly and urge them to share their experiences with the products r services. Here are some Twitter testimonials posted by

Source: Optinmonster

3. Video Testimonials

Video testimonials have gained immense popularity in recent years, and it’s become more convenient ever to create and publish videos. The amazing thing about these types is that they help make a great impression. What adds to its credibility is, potential consumers can see real people talking about the products and services. Check out this video testimonial by


4. Peer Reviews

People are often influenced by the behaviours of other people like them. That’s why peer reviews, particularly from people who resemble your customer profile, are so effective. Presented below is a peer review from


5. Influencer Testimonials

Testimonials from influencers are so impactful because their names are widely recognised and trusted. When your products receive a great review from an influencer, it conveys to your audience that you are trustworthy. Take a look at this example from


6. Interview Testimonials

Interviews are particularly beneficial because they help derive more details from the consumer about their experiences, thereby painting a clear picture in the minds of your prospects. To carry out a great interview, always ensure you ask questions that turns to a story about how and why your consumer came to buy your product. Listed below are some examples for interview testimonials from

Figure 1, Source:

7. Case Studies

Case studies actually present a great scope to sell the reader on the transformation a previous consumer went through. You can convey the readers where a consumer was before they invested in your product or service, where they are now, after making a purchase.You’ll find plenty of business case studies by popular brands like Coca-cola, Nike, or Amazon online.

Knowing about these different types of testimonials will help you leverage for your online reputation management.

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