Wednesday 29 June 2022
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Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers

Best Motorcycle Hitch Carriers

Having your own bike or a car happens to be one of the priciest possessions for you. However, taking and transporting it from point A to B can be quite a task in itself. Herein opting for a proper mechanism helps in ensuring the motorcycle is accurately transported to the destination. Riding your motorcycle to the destination is not a possible task. The best solution here is to opt for a hitch carrier.

Why are hitch carriers the best solution?

Hitch carriers are devices that are fixed or hauled to your motorcycle with that of your SUV or car. They prove to be one of the best modes of transports as it happens to be a conventional hauling method. Herein you need not rely on any other medium like towing. Moreover, it is also easier and faster to position your bike. There are uncountable benefits of opting for a hitch carrier. It helps to keep the front or back of the vehicle-mounted in place, thereby assisting in suspending the bike safely during the drive.

Besides, choosing the best motorcycle hitch carrier is also an important aspect. In this post, we have listed some noted hitch carriers which are as follows:

  • Goplus LBS Motorcycle Carrier

It is one of the top listed motorcycle hitch carriers that provides good capacity and strength. Moreover, the hitch can take more load carrying up to 600 pounds of weight. The USP of this hitch comprises an adjustable wheel stop that assists in bearing the load capacity. It works well for transporting and lifting heavy bikes and transporting it from one place to another. Besides, it includes a loading ramp with a length of 72 inches and a width of 7.5 inches and a carrier rack with dimensions of 79 inches in length and 8 inches in width.

Whether you are traveling in a bumpy area, the hitch carrier will ensure the motorcycle is secured correctly.

  • TMS T-NS-MRC001 Hitch Carrier

This uniquely designed hitch carrier offers a maximum hauling capacity of 500 lbs. The carrier comprises heavy-duty steel, and the frame is coated that prevents scratching, wear, and tear of the vehicle. The hitch carriers are best suited for hauling dirt bikes, sportbikes, scooters, etc. with ease. Additional USP of the hitch carrier is the feature of anti-tilt locking, consisting of tie-down sites to offer additional security.

  • Raider TOW-104

Raider TOW-104 is one of the best hitch carriers that come with a ramp that allows you to keep the motorcycle in place without rolling it when loading. Additionally, the carrier comprises bolt in chips that ease it to secure the tires in place. Moreover, you can unhook the ramp after securing the bike and clipping the tires to transport it securely to the destination. 

The hitch carrier has a capacity of carrying 500 pounds. Available at a reasonable price, it is the best carrier to haul your motorcycle and dirt bikes, which are of a middleweight. However, it is not recommended for heavy bikes.

  • SKY1375 Hitch Carrier

SKY1375 Hitch carrier comes with a short ramp with dimensions of 38.5 inches in length and00204.75 inches in width. It is the best-suited carrier to haul your dirt bike, scooter, and off-road bikes without trouble. The carrier is designed with heavy-duty steel that makes it durable for long use. Besides, the carrier comprises 8 bolts and nuts that assists easy assembling. Moreover, it also comprises an anti-tilt locking system that makes it easy to lift the bike from either side.

It has a total capacity of 500 lbs. Affordable and easy to assemble, this is one of the best picks if you are looking for acceptable motorcycle carriers.

What to search for when choosing a hitch carrier?

Often users get confused between motorcycle carriers and motorcycle hitch carriers. However, certain aspects need to be focussed when choosing the best hitch carrier for your motorcycle.

  • Material and Design

Hitch carriers are usually available in two materials, which are aluminum and steel. While aluminum carriers are lightweight and easy to install, steel carriers are more durable and best for transporting heavy bikes.

  • Type of Hitch Carrier

Each motorcycle has a different capacity. This makes it immensely important for one to consider the hitch carrier’s capacity that can carry the load of the vehicle. For this, you can read the manual and understand which hitch carrier will suit best for your bike.

Along with this, considering the carrier’s size and weight rating will assist in transporting the bike to a long distance. Moreover, also consider your budget and the capacity it can take up, so the bike doesn’t slide down.

Know which hitch carrier fits your motorcycle best and choose the best for transporting it to your destination.