Friday 20 May 2022
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6 Top Accessories for Custom Pins

6 Top Accessories for Custom Pins

If you’re into sports, you’ll know that trading pins are an integral part of it. Be it baseball, or hockey, or softball championship, trading pins are a great way to show your team spirit. You can also meet new people or interact with fellow enthusiasts, thanks to trading pins.

But there are several types of pins on the market. And if you are onto designing one for your team, you’ll want to make sure that the pin design stands out from the rest. A great way to do that is to add accessories that go very well with pins. They will not really make custom pins cheap, but they can come at all prices, so you don’t have to really break a bank to pay for them.

Accessories add a little extra flair to your pins and there can be different types of them as well. Here are the types of accessories that you can add to your pin to make a lasting impression.


Want a bright and flashy look for your pin? Blinking LED lights added to your pins will do exactly that. There will be a small button on the pin connected to a hidden battery, and whenever you touch it the lights will flash.

There can be multiple lights with different colors and can be placed anywhere on the pin. It’s really simple to add blinkies to your pin and is a great delight when one finds the lights. Blinkies are quite common but they are sure to make your pins popular.


Danglers are additions to your pin that are not attached directly to it. Instead, they hang from the bottom or the sides of the pin on a short chain. You can add danglers to your pin for that extra decoration that will make your pin extraordinary. They are perfect when you have an elaborate pin design and you want to save space. Danglers are great accessories when it comes to adding a nice flashy touch to an otherwise simple design.


Spinners, as the name suggests, is a second smaller pin attached to the first one through a hole, allowing it to spin around. Spinners add a really unique touch to your pin and are perfect for adding movement to a pin. It can be a spinning baseball, wheels, or anything that you think will make a proper visual. Spinners are rare and it’s this rarity that adds value to the pin for collectors and traders. So, if you are thinking about how to make your pin absolutely unique, try adding spinners.


Sliders too are a great way to add a sense of movement to your pin. Sliders move back and forth along a slot and can be designed to show anything like a flying baseball, or your team logo rising. Sliders are always fun and can represent your chosen sport or activity uniquely. Like spinners, sliders too are a great value to collectors.

Bobble Heads

Bobble-head pins are unique and fun. They have certain humor attached to them that often attracts the attention of collectors. Bobble-head pins have a second pin attached to the top of the first one with a spring causing it to wobble back and forth. Though most suited for character pins, they can be designed to fit any occasion or sporting event.


Glitters are glittery paint with which the pin is painted. It sounds a little subtle and a little less exciting than the other accessories, but a little glitter can go a long way in creating wonderful designs. They offer a touch of personalization and with a variety of colors available, you can surely make your pin design unique and special with glitters.

So, which one do you want to add to your pin? With all these options available, you are sure to create a pin design that will not only be remembered for years to come but will also be sought by collectors and make it popular.