Tuesday 28 June 2022
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5 Things to Keep In Mind While Spraying your Arabic Perfume

5 Things to Keep In Mind While Spraying your Arabic Perfume

Perfumery is an art and it dwells upon the wearer to know how to use it. This is what draws the line between people turning their heads when you enter the room or maintaining a distance from you.

Considering you know which Arabic perfume will suit you best, let us talk about how to use it on yourself. After all, perfumes deserve to be used in the right manner and there are many things that you need to keep in mind for that.

1. Do Not Spray the Perfume on your Clothes

Noticed the watermarks on your clothing? That is what happens when a perfume is sprayed directly on clothes. Arabic perfumes are made from various natural ingredients mixed by artificial means to give you distinct smells. Clothing will not absorb such sprays made for your skin. And while you may smell nice, the marks can be real spoilers especially if you are going out for a date and want to create a good impression. Applying perfume on the clothes also doesn’t make it last longer.

2. Is your Skin Getting Wet from the Perfume?

If your answer is yes, know that you are doing it wrong. Not only does it make the scent stronger that people around may like, it can also affect your skin. So a distance of 5-7 inches needs to be maintained while spraying a perfume. However, make sure that it is not too far away as it would result in wasting a lot.

3. Do not Spray Too Much Perfume

What makes a perfume earn the title of the best perfume for women or men is its ability to spread the fragrance far and wide compared to the quantity applied. And this also adds to how expensive a certain perfume is. You may like it a lot but you do not want the perfume to be discomforting to those around you. Too much perfume is even known to cause headaches. For the best effects, go for a few spritzes on your pulse points (i.e., wrists, behind ears, navel).

4. Apply Attars Differently

Attars have a strong smell hence it is suggested to not apply them in quantities like those of regular perfumes. So, when you use attar, you need to just dab it on your pulse points gently. These include the areas near your collar bone, the naval, and a few other spots. Just applying it anywhere wouldn’t do the trick either.

5. Know When the Perfume is Working Well (Reacting Well to your Skin)

Many popular perfumes for women and men take time before coming to its full effect. Moreover, in this process, your skin plays a role as well. So, after applying it, give it a few hours and check if the scent remains. If it does, well and fine. If it doesn’t, it isn’t suiting you.

Some More Tips to Wear Arabic Perfumes

  • Check the concentration of the Arabic perfume you are using. They are stronger in their scent when compared to western perfumes.
  • For long-lasting effect, wear it on your wrists, behind ears, and knees. These are the pulse points as mentioned earlier.
  • Mix your fragrances well. Wear the same perfume for days on end tends to blend it with your body odor. This makes the perfume lose its scent and prevents others from receiving it.
  • An Arabic perfume due to its complex notes needs to be taken care of in a proper manner. This helps maintain the aromas within. Keep them in a cool and dry place in order to make them not lose their scent and last longer.

Each of these points depends on the Arabic perfume you are using. It is only natural that not all perfumes will suit you. With so many scents available like Chypre, Bergamot, Woody, Floral, Citron and so many others, always test the fragrance and wait to see if all the notes you want kick in, before buying it.

Many Arabic perfume brands offer an exotic collection of the most popular perfumes for women and men online. Look them up and place your order or contact them to know more about your favorite notes.