Wednesday 29 June 2022
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5 Questions to Ask the Banquet Hall Staff

5 Questions to Ask the Banquet Hall Staff

Before booking a banquet hall, be it for any occasion, like a wedding or a quinceanera or an anniversary, etc., there are some things that you need to have a clear idea about; some questions that need answers. So, when looking up for banquet rooms near me, or when contacting a certain banquet hall staff, make sure to ask them these questions.

There are many banquet halls in Houstonthat offer efficient services and serve a great deal in answering the below-mentioned questions. So, it may not be that tough for you to find the perfect venue for your occasion. However, it is essential to have the questions in your mind and to ask them to hall authorities.

Here are the 5 questions that you need to ask the banquet hall staff before hiring them:

Q1. What services are included with the hire?

Naturally, you would want to know what they provide. And this is something that is better found when spoken to them rather than just looking up their website. Not everything is possible to be mentioned there. So give them a call. There are many reception halls in Houston that offer service packages including the facilities you will need for your party. You have to choose one that suits your budgets as well as your requirements for the occasion. Or you can customize them as per your necessities.

Q2. Will they provide their own catering?

Many halls, for instance, affordable wedding venues in Houston, TX, offer great in-house catering services. This is a plus as it does not require you to contact a separate catering service and pay them separately as well. There are many venues in Houston whose catering services provide multicuisine dishes from around the globe, like Mexican, South American, Continental, Italian, Asian and much more.

Q3. What is their policy on alcohol?

If you planning for a reunion party or a success party or an office party, you might want to find out about whether they serve alcohol or not. Many banquet halls in Houston, other than their own in-house alcohol service availability, also offer BYOB facility. This is because some of your guests may want to have their own choice of drinks for the occasion. Such venues impose no restriction on drinks brought with the guests themselves.

Q 4. What is the deal with parking?

This is a very important question. You will need a parking for safekeeping of the cars of your guests. There are some affordable reception halls in Houstonthat offer valet parking. This ensures that your guests don’t have to worry about parking their car. The valets are professionals in their job and make sure that there is absolutely no inconvenience or waste of time, either in parking or when a guest decides to leave after the occasion.

Q 5. What are the security measures?

A necessary aspect of any banquet hall or reception hall or wedding venue, this one should always be checked before booking the hall. Then safety and security of your guests is of utmost importance. So, keeping this in mind, many affordable banquet halls in Houstonprovide fullproof security services like security cameras inside the hall as well as in the car parking area. Other than this, they also have firefighting equipment as well as multiple exit routes in case of mishaps. It is strongly suggested to book a hall that offers such security protocols so that you can celebrate without any worry.

These 5 questions are necessary to be answered by the staff of the banquet hall you are booking for your occasion. Make sure that each of these aspects is looked after and you are in for a great celebration with your family, friends and colleagues.