Friday 20 May 2022
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5 Design Elements You Can Incorporate In Your Renovated Kitchen

5 Design Elements You Can Incorporate In Your Renovated Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. This is the place where the whole family gathers, shares warm food and has the most significant conversations of life. So, the look and the feel of the kitchen should be perfect and homely for such an appeal. When you are living in a house for years, it starts losing its appeal. But for the kitchen, it not only becomes shabby but also outdated. This is when you should go for kitchen renovation.

Hiring Construction Companies for Kitchen Renovation

Maybe your entire home doesn’t need a renovation. But if your kitchen has been designed several years back, then you surely should give it a new touch. And by new touch, we don’t mean that you should paint it fresh. Rather, create a kitchen that is highly functional and futuristic in design and perfect with the lifestyle and habits of your family. Hiring construction companies in Vancouver will be a great idea as companies like Roadhouse Homes are very reputed and have won awards for kitchen renovation. They will understand the demand of your lifestyle better.

So, if you are going to give your kitchen the much awaited facelift, the following elements can be a part of it. Take a look.

  • Warm Looking Glazed Cabinets

If you are keener to create a traditional looking space, warm looking glazed maple cabinets can be your perfect option. Customize them while ensuring that your kitchen will have an ample amount of storage space. This can be a great option when you have a fast paced lifestyle. Choose the cabinets that touch the roofs so that you can get additional storage. The maple color will bring in the durability and warmth of natural hardwood. When you are going for home renovations, this can be a great idea for you.

  • Straight Paneled White Cabinets

If you want to create a space that looks minimal yet spacious, go for straight paneled white cabinets. Ditch the handles for these ones and use soft push openings so that these cabinets can beautifully blend in the white décor of your kitchen. A modern kitchen can have dual tone cabinets. This will look beautiful and elegant. So, when you are choosing the cabinetry, choose glazed ones for the lower cabinets and white ones for the upper cabinets.

  • Surround Sound Ceiling

Most of the old kitchens have texture or striped ceilings. If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, think of changing your ceiling too. Go for a modern flat painted ceiling as this is the best option. This will also let you have the surround sound system into the kitchen ceiling as well as in the living room or any other room ceiling.

  • Create In-Kitchen Pantry

A modern renovated kitchen should be all about convenience. Even if you are keeping transitional elements in the kitchen, try to find out the suitable space that can be used as the in-kitchen pantry. When you are doing so, make sure that it stays right within the work triangle in the kitchen for your convenience. You can build a cabinet wall and keep the pantry inside it neatly.

  • Spacious Kitchen Island

As mentioned before, you and your family will be spending plenty of time in the kitchen area when sharing a meal. And your kitchen island might be the space where everyone will be sitting around. Choose the right countertop for this island. You can create storage inside the island or you can create your portable wine collection inside it. This area will become the focal point in your kitchen.

So, when you are planning your Vancouver home renovation, use these ideas and design the perfect kitchen that will suit your requirements the best.