Friday 20 May 2022
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4 Luxury Wine Cellars with Extravagant Design Elements

4 Luxury Wine Cellars with Extravagant Design Elements

Wine is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. And when you are creating a wine cellar in your home, you are combining your love of luxury with the amazing creativity that will make the wine cellar. Wine cellars are perhaps the most elaborate display of luxury and style. And if you are investing in a stunning wine cellar, you are investing in an asset that will increase the value of your home.

Choosing the right Place for Wine Cellar in Your Home

When you are building a home wine cellar, you need to choose the perfect place that will give your cellar and wine collection enough space. And for that, you need a lot of space. When we think of having a wine cellar in home, we immediately visualize underground basement cellars. Well, having an underground cellar is a great idea. But your home might not have the space for it. In that case, you have to choose the place that is away from sunlight and doesn’t get too much vibration due to foot traffic and vehicles movement.

Now, as you already know what kind of space you need for custom wine cellars in Houston, let’s take a look at some creative ideas. Each of them is unique, appealing and luxurious.

Spanish in Appeal

Spain is a country famous for its architecture. Barcelona, Madrid or any other city has so many monuments that are spectacular. Now, you too can bring in the appeal of Spain in your home. How? Your luxury wine cellars can be inspired by the architecture of Spain. The cellar will be designed with wooden shelves and architectural features on the wall making it look stunning and extravagant. For the flooring, choose warm colorful tiles that will add to the glamour of the space. For furniture, choose plush armchairs and vintage wooden tables. This place will be your perfect refuge for a leisurely time. And your guests will surely be impressed with the design and aesthetic appeal of it.

Mediterranean Sanctuary

Mediterranean charms are typically traditional in appeal. When you are channeling the same spirit and style in your wine cellar, it will become a perfect sanctuary for you to enjoy wine with your lovely company. Design your warm and welcoming looking wine cellar and wine tasting room with the Mediterranean appeal. For that, choose earthy tones, mahogany wood and stone wall and flooring. Go for a bespoke chandelier that will exude the old-world luxurious charm in the cellar. If you are designing commercial wine cellars with wine room, you can use this design too.

Narrow Cellar

Do you have a hallway in your home that is rarely used? Well, turn this place into a custom wine cellar. Functional shelves can be used on the walls on two sides and you can design a small bar inside the space. Use a glass door to keep this wine cellar secure. The space of this place is very limited and that is why ensuring insulation will be easier. However, as the space is limited, you should not place any sitting arrangement inside the cellar.

Stone Cellar

Do you have a space beneath the stairs? Most of the mansions in Houston have an elaborate staircase. And the space under the stairs often remains unused. You can use this space for your luxurious wine cellar. But here comes a twist. Most of the time, the cellars under the stairs are made of glass and are contemporary in design. But this one will be made of stone and will give the inside of your home a cottage-look. The charm and the look will remind you of an oriental appeal. This will become an attraction every time your guests visit you.

So, which one of these ideas did you like? Connect with a reputed agency for wine cellars and discuss your ideas with them.